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The attached Press Release is of importance to the residents of the Town of Stonington and to all public agencies engaged in outdoor activities in the Town of Stonington.

Please note the warning to avoid outdoor activities from one hour before dusk and to one hour after dawn. Questions can be directed to Ledge Light Health District at 860-448-4882.

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2018-2019 Retirees

Left to right: Kathy St. Rock, Sherry Castodio, Bonnie Cusack, Kathy Sanford, Gail McLeod, Deidre Toole, Gina Bowman, Eleanor Dunn, Giovanna Cordone, Nancy Wanat, Laurie Hartnett. Missing from photo: Geraldine White, Stephanie Akers, Danielle Cooper, Robin Aubin, and Karen Chapman

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