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Kindergarten Registration

Welcome to Stonington Public Schools! 



New Kindergarten Student Registration

Step 1:  

Contact your respective school to schedule an appointment. In person appointments will be scheduled on:

Wednesday, March 27 from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Monday, April 3 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Step 2:

Complete the 2024-2025 Online Registration Form PRIOR to your scheduled appointment.

Stonington Public Schools uses an online enrollment program, PowerSchool Enrollment, for student registration.

Please read the instructions above then select the link below. If this is your first time registering a student in the district, you will need to Create an Account to complete the online registration. If you already have an account, you can sign in and create, continue or review an enrollment you have already started.

Step 3:

Submit required documents to the school listed below.

Please email or call the school secretary with any questions regarding document submission.

School Contact Information
Deans Mill School:

Denise Gavitt, Secretary - Phone: 860-535-2235 x6103, Fax: 860-535-1417, Email:

West Vine Street School:
Meredith Vernott, Secretary - Phone:  860-599-5832 x8101, Fax:  860-599-1560, Email:

Step 4:

PowerSchool Parent Portal and Submission of State Mandated Health Records

Log into the Parent Portal (you will be sent an email once steps 1 and 2 are complete with login information) to access the Health Portal.

Directions to access the health portal through Parent Portal can be accessed through the following Link: How to Access SNAPHealth Portal

Please email or call the school nurse with any questions regarding health records.  Please complete all health-related information and upload documents through the Health Portal. If you are unable to complete the health requirements, a lab will be available, with nurse support, to assist in completing the health requirements.

School Nurse Contact Information - Questions Regarding Health Assessments and Immunizations

Deans Mill School Health Clinic:
Cynthia Ljubicic, BSN, RN - Phone: 860-535-2235 x6116, Fax: 860-535-2392, Email:

West Vine Street School Health Clinic:
Pam Schroeder, RN - Phone:  860-599-5832 x8177, Fax: 860-599-8266, Email:

Quick Links:

Please Note: Registration is not complete until you establish residency at your child's school and health records have been approved.