Welcome Letter from Principal

September 2019

Dear Deans Mill School Parents & Guardians,

Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 school year!   We had a busy summer getting ready for another year full of learning and growing!  This year, we look forward to having our preschool and fifth grade students joining us at DMS as well as many new staff members.  

We are excited for the final pieces of our building project to be completed and for all of the exciting learning  opportunities that lie ahead for our students. Our students and staff will continue to focus in on building a growth mindset and working together to increase student success.  Here are some of the new things at Deans Mill School this year:

  • With an increase in our student population and to further support learners, we are excited to add a full time Academic Interventionist, part time School Social Worker, and part time Elementary Program Facilitator to our staff this year.  

  •  Students in Grades 3 to 5 will now spend half of the year engaging in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) principles  as part of their specials schedule.  

  • Our back field and playgrounds are fully ready for student play!  A Gaga Pit and the Buddy Bench will be installed soon.

  • To promote and celebrate positive student behavior and school climate, we have some exciting Bucket Challenges and Spirit Days planned out!

Our goal at DMS is to provide a nurturing environment that provides ALL students with opportunities to excel academically and socially.  Our belief at Deans Mill School is that, as a community, we can “learn, inspire, and grow together!”  We know that working in partnerships with families we can achieve great things!

We are excited for another fun filled year of learning at Deans Mill School!


Jennifer L. McCurdy, Principal Thomas J. Bousquet, Assistant Principal


Parking Procedures

The map below will outline our parking procedures for the 2019 - 2020 school year.  Please pay careful attention to the flow of traffic as safety is our top priority!

  • Kiss and Drop (AM Only)  - For those families who transport their child to school in the morning, please enter the Kiss and Drop entrance.  Pull your car up to the “stop to unload” area and have your child exit the car (on the sidewalk side). A staff member will be stationed at the sidewalk to take your child into the school building.  Parents should only unload if they are the first 4 cars. If you need to enter the building or exit your car, it is important to park in a parking spot. * Never drop your child unless there is a staff member present to receive them.  Staff members are at Kiss and Drop from 8:40 AM until 8:55 AM. Students should not be dropped off prior to 8:40 AM.

  • BUS Loop (AM & PM) - We have a separate entrance for buses.  Please note that no cars are allowed to enter the bus area.  

  • Parent Pick Up (PM) - If your child is a parent pick up, please park in the Parent/Visitor Parking.  Parents will enter the school through the side cafeteria door. The cafeteria doors will be opened by the staff with dismissal duty at 3:25 PM.  (Please note that parents/guardians will need to wait outside until 3:25 PM). Once the doors are unlocked, parents/guardians will form 2 lines and wait behind the tables in the entryway of the cafeteria and will present a photo ID and sign children out.  You will receive a sticker indicating the child you are picking up. Children will be escorted by a staff member to their parent/guardian. Parents will exit the school with their child(ren) through the side doors. Please note, due to school safety, no parent will be allowed into the school beyond the sign in table.  If you need to enter the school for any reason (ie. bathrooms, lockers, nurse, office) you must go to the main entrance and sign in.

map showing the parking locations for DMS