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Roving Reporters

What are the Roving Reporters?

“Roving Reporters” allows students in grades 3 & 4 work as reporters to create short news segments about happening within our school and community. Students research the topic to find out background information, select individuals to interview for their new story, write interview questions, and create a script. A group of students then work together to write a script and then film the introduction and ending. During filming, students will take turns being conducting the interviews and filming. Students use iMovie and other programs to take the interview clips and other video footage to create short news segment video.

Videos will be shared online and posted for families to watch!

Students will view videos in class, at community gatherings, and during morning announcements.

Thank you to SEF for funding the DMS Roving Reporters mini-grant! With their support, we were able to purchase two iPads, cases, and a digital floor stand to help make students news reporters within our school community!


  • To engage students in authentic reading, writing, speaking, listening, and technology skills
  • To help promote a positive school climate by showcasing important school-wide and community events and broadcasting them to our school and great community.

Be sure to watch some of the “Roving Reporter” videos created by current and former students!