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The DMS Wish - Our Community Agreement

WISH is an ancronym for: Work Together, I treat other as I want to be treated, Be safe, Have fun learning

We greatly value relationships at Deans Mill School. Our community agreement is called The DMS Wish. The purpose of the community agreement is to set clear expectations for student behavior, learning, and relationships at our school. The DMS Wish was created by students and staff to foster a respectful learning environment where students work together and accept others. At the start of the school year, The DMS Wish is reviewed in grade level assemblies with all students. As a component of The DMS Wish, students and classes are rewarded for positive behavior.

The Four Parts of The DMS Wish Include:

Work Together

I treat others the way I want to be treated

Be Safe

Have fun

Through focusing on positive behavioral supports, students are reinforced for following the DMS Wish through our “bucket filling program” where students can earn Wish tickets for displaying the DMS Wish throughout the school day. Each week, tickets are pulled for a raffle where students additional reinforcers. Students can also earn stamps to help fill their classroom buckets. Our bucket filling program is based on the book "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McLoud.

Image for the Bucket Challenge: a guide to daily happiness for kids

Students look forward to Bucket Challenges where all classrooms in each grade level work together to fill enough buckets to participate in a school wide bucket challenge. In addition, when an entire class has filled their classroom bucket, the class can choose a variety of reinforcers such as; a guest reader, a small token, dance party, etc. Some of most popular activities that students like to do with Ms. McCurdy and Mr. Bousquet include: Read-Alouds, Gaga Ball, Classroom game, Art Class or PE class!