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photo of October Cubs of the Month with Principal Smith
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Month of February

Duffy Grace, PE/Health Teacher at Mystic Middle School

Mr. Grace was named the 2019 Middle School Unified Sports Coach of the Year in the State of Connecticut by the CAS-CIAC.. His dedication and inclusive attitude and actions ensures all of our students can enjoy the benefits of playing on a team sport. Duffy is the standard-bearer for our district on what it means to provide equity and access to programming for all of our students. Thank you, Duffy! and congratulations.

Alicia Sweet-Dawe, West Vine/West Broad Street Schools Principal

Mrs. Sweet-Dawe has been named as one of two finalists by the Connecticut Association of Schools for the 2019 Elementary School Principal of the Year Award. There will be a site visitation by the group in March, once that is completed the finalist will be announced. Good Luck Mrs. Sweet-Dawe!

Mary Anne Butler, Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Butler has been selected for the 2019 Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Program along with nine other administrators from across the United States. She will depart for Finland on March 6th to begin a ten day intensive program including briefings on Finland's renowned education system, school visits and networking events and compare what we do here in the United States.

Congratulations to all our wonderful staff!

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