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Stonington High School Teacher Handbook

This resource is designed and organized to make it easy to locate and access information relevant to the needs of the classroom teacher that do not often change. The Teacher Handbook that will be provided annually provides the guidance relative to instructional and social goals within the school. Some highlights of this handbook include:

  • Reorganization into sections organized by themes, which are numbered and kept distinct by labeled tab dividers.
  • The inclusion of a detailed Table Of Contents for each section, enabling teachers to quickly and easily access any information on any topic.
  • Cross-referencing of topics to forms, with a common notation to see Forms Appendix so that teachers can immediately view and in some cases photocopy copies of relevant forms. Some forms may be used as is, while others are merely samples to show you what to look for.
  • Pagination within sections, which makes it easier to update the book without disrupting other sections.