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The Stonington High School Guidance Department provides a variety of supports to help all students meet their fullest potential and have success.  The department works in collaboration with students, staff, and parents to meet individual needs and help every student have a positive experience at Stonington High School.


Counselors provide the following services to students:

  • Academic Planning and Check-Ins
  • Postsecondary Planning-College & Career
  • Personal and Social development
  • Responsive Services

Students may request appointments with counselors through an email message to their individual counselor.  Parents and guardians may reach out via phone or email to talk or meet with their child’s school counselor.


  Stonington High School Guidance & School Counseling Department


Email Address

Grade 9


Grade 10


Grade 11


Grade 12


Mrs. Dentch

A - G

A - D

A - C

A - D

Mrs. Selinger


L - M

K - M


Mrs. Steinhoff

I - M

E - K

D - J

E - L

Mr. Bousquet

N - P

N- P

N - P

N - P

Mrs. Solomon

Q - Z

Q - Z

Q - Z

Q - Z


Mr. Bousquet, Assistant Principal of Guidance & Student Supports  
Mrs. Georges, Clinical School Counselor
Mrs. Masson, School Psychologist
Mr. Brown, Career Center Coordinator