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May 7, 2020

Dear Parents of the Class of 2020,

There are a lot of misconceptions about scholarship applications and awards that we wanted to clear up before it's too late for this school year.  Most of the scholarships we promote are from local organizations who want to support our students.  (this is different from what your student's college may or may not have offered you).  Many local scholarships pay the money directly to the student to use as they need it. 



1) Opportunity for scholarship awards are all passed this year. 

2) Scholarship awards are only for athletes or for 4 year degrees. 

3) Scholarships are only for the very financially needy

4) Scholarships awards always seem to go to those who don't really need it

5) We are stuck with what the school our student is attending gave us for a financial award

6) I couldn't finish the application because I couldn't get in touch with my guidance counselor.

7) I didn't know there were scholarships



1) There are multiple scholarship opportunities still available for this year SHS students.  Most are local organizations so have applicants only for this area, and are often giving them to multiple SHS students.   (SEE LIST BELOW).  Many deadlines have been extended or relaxed.  This one is one all students planning to pursue any education after school need to apply to before Friday.  Please fill out the info in the google doc by Friday!   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScP80Pzv7TSg7oTfX_bcUBloVdbN78c4tNSH26bt0UJped7SQ/viewform


2) Athletic scholarships are VERY rare.  In fact most college athletes who play in college are getting little to ZERO money for their sport.  Division 3 and IVY LEAGUE schools CANNOT give sports scholarships by law (for Div 3).  Note this year there are multiple scholarships offered for tech and/or trade schools too.


3) There are scholarships that focus on financial need, but there are many scholarships that are based on merit, or what organizations (fire departments, churches, etc) you are a member of, or what your focus/major in college is, or how you have given back to the community in some way, or how well you write your essay.  Even if you don't have great financial need (based on reality or what the government tells you),  college is expensive.  There are books and travel expenses, and food, etc on top of tuition and room and board.  Please apply! 


4) Scholarships are given to THOSE WHO APPLY FOR THEM.  You will not get these scholarships if you do not apply.   The students you see getting the majority of the scholarship awards are those who applied to the most.   The more you apply for, the better your chances.  Some require significant effort, and the awards are small, but believe me they add up!  


5) The students who apply for the most scholarships are those whose parents have encouraged them to do so and let them know that they will be responsible for coming up with funding for some of their education.  With some schools costing over $75,000/year, any additional money is welcome.  


6) Guidance counselors are ready to help to provide documents like letters of recommendation and transcripts, and if for some reason you cannot get in touch with them, Mrs. Lamb has sent her cell phone number to students numerous times.  She can get these for you!  (860)460-1394.  She will lose more sleep over your student not applying for a scholarship than if she gets a text late at night.  FACT!


7) Students who didn't realize there were scholarships available do not read their school email.  Please encourage your students to check their school emails daily and to ready email from Mrs Lamb. 


8) Students need to complete and submit the applications themselves.  Encouragement from parents is great, as is proofreading, confirmation of financial situations, etc.  But this is the student's job.  They are young adults who will be entering the real world, and they need to do things for themselves.  


(9) College is very expensive, and these are uncertain times. If you are unsure about committing to an expensive school (or even if you have already), know that COMMUNITY COLLEGE IN CT is NOW FREE FOR GRADUATING SENIORS.   This is a new program this year in CT and they just extended the deadline to apply to July 15th.  https://www.ct.edu/pact#contact. REPEAT:  THREE RIVERS IS OFFERING FREE TUITION FOR FULL TIME STUDENTS!! When applying for scholarships, note that books and travel are still expenses that will be incurred.


10)  If you have a change in circumstances, like employment, family illness, etc. you can appeal a college financial award.  Colleges are hurting financially right now due to the coronavirus, having to refund room and board, possibly tuition from this past semester, and may have unclear futures. But it never hurts to ask for more.  The most they can say is no.  This is a great blog on how to craft an appeal letter.  https://www.goingmerry.com/blog/financial-aid-appeal-letter/.  If you have already put down a deposit, it may be more difficult, but it never hurts to try.  


The following scholarships are still available.  Note that several have recently extended their deadlines for a few weeks.  


Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. 

NAME   Due Date Award amount
Father Loftus Scholarship - Knights of Columbus active 5/8 $250 (2)
Stonington High School General Scholarship Fund active 5/8 Varies
Stonington Garden Club Scholarship active 5/10 Varies
Volunteer Scholarship active 5/10 $1,000
Wayne Lawrence Scholarship Award active 5/10 N/A
Deans Mill School Alumni Scholarship active 5/11 $500 (2)
UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship Application active 5/12 2000
Rotary Club of Stoningtons Scholarship Fund active 5/13 $500 - $1,000
Chelsea Groton Bank active 5/15 $500
Colin Turner Memorial Scholarship active 5/15 $1,000
Marian Gibney Scholarship active 5/15 Varies
Mystic Garden Club active 5/15 $2,000
New London County Bar Association Scholarship active 5/15 $1,000
Paul D. Lynch Memorial Scholarship active 5/15 $1,000
Southern New England Fishermen's & Lobstermen's Association active 5/15 $250
Stonington Borough Fire Department Scholarship active 5/15 $500+
Stonington High School Athletic Boosters Club Scholarship active 5/8 500 (4)
Stonington Tri-Centennial Scholarship Fund active 5/15 Varies
Town of Stonington Town Hall Employees Scholarship active 5/15 (2) $500
Westerly Hospital Auxiliary Health Career & Mary Pucci active 5/15 Varies
Anderson T. and Sheryl A. Smith Scholarship Fund active 5/20 $1,000
Thermo Fisher Scientific Antibody Scholarship Program active 5/20 $10,000
Charles McNeil Memorial Scholarship and the Stonington Fire Officers active 5/21 $1,000
Chief Edwin M. Hanks, Jr. Memorial Scholarship active 5/21 $1,000
Doris Muller Memorial Scholarship active 5/22 $500
Glenn Moon Scholarship for Future Teachers active 5/22 $2,000
Mark Pescatello Memorial Scholarship active 5/22 (4) $1000
Christopher Potvin Scholar Athlete Fund active 5/25 $1,000