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Naviance is a college and career planning tool, introduced to students in grade 9. This web-based program includes interest inventories that link interests to careers, information about colleges, careers and scholarships. Students will be assigned specific activities to complete on Naviance, in grades 9-12. Each student has their own registration and access to the service. Parents may request their own personal access as well.

Naviance Tasks by Grade:
  • Grade 9: Registration, Learning Styles Inventory, Career Interest Profiler
  • Grade 10: Personality Profiler & Naviance College Scavenger Hunt
  • Grade 11: College Search Tools, Develop College List and Method Test Prep
  • Grade 12: Activate College Application List, Update Status of Acceptances, Set Final Plan
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Click on the icon above to access Naviance. Forgot your username and password? Contact your guidance counselor.
Important College Application Information

New this year to our college application process is Naviance E-Docs. By using Naviance E-Docs our staff at SHS will be able to electronically submit transcripts and letters of recommendation to over 2,000 colleges/universities, including all Common App schools. Common App matching allows students to match their Naviance Family Connection account to the Common App. Even though majority of the requests can be done online, seniors still must schedule an appointment with their guidance counselor, sign and submit a transcript release form (manila) and transcript request form (blue half sheet of paper). This is to ensure we are all on the same page throughout the college application.