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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Project Safe Grad?

An alcohol-free, all night party held at a special location in Southeastern Connecticut.

What time is the party?

The party starts as soon as the graduation reception ends (buses leave at 9pm) and is over by 5am.

What happens there?

The students will have a great time participating in a variety of fun and entertaining activities. Some of those activities may include paintball, a dance party, a variety show, a street carnival, bowling, swimming, etc.

How much does the party cost?

When all is said and done, the class will need to collect $27,000 by May of Senior Year.

  • Money is raised in three manners:
    1. Family Contribution
    2. Fundraising
    3. Corporate Donations.
  • The graduating class's Project Safe Grad Committee will most likely begin collecting family contributions during the fall of sophomore year. Then once again during the fall of both junior and senior years. A typical requested contribution amount is $30 each year (in the fall) per student. Three installments would total $90 per student by the fall of senior year, which is a huge advance for your class as a whole.
  • During Senior Year, the class will fund raise and solicit corporations and local
  • Keep in mind that the more the class collects ahead of time, the less the class will need to fund raise during Senior Year. Senior Year is a very hectic time for most families, as you can imagine - so plan ahead for assured success.

What identifies our students from other high schools that night?

Our students will all receive a brown SHS Senior tee-shirt to wear on that night and keep. Also our students will receive a SHS themed beach towel to use and keep as well. Students who choose not to attend the party will also receive these "graduation gifts".

Who attends the party?

Graduated seniors and a handful of parent chaperones.

How do the students get to the party?

Students are bussed from Stonington High School to and from. Students are not allowed to drive to the party. Each student is assigned a bus number and will board that bus all night. The buses transport students from the high school to the event eenue and continue all night as the class moves as a whole from activity to activity.

Will there be food? Is it included?

Yes, there will be lots of food, from meal items like hamburgers to dessert items like ice cream. The students will be fed well.

What happens if the class does not collect/raise the $27,000 by Spring of Senior Year?

If a class does not raise the full amount by Spring of Senior Year, then a per student ticket price will be required to make up the shortage.

How many graduating seniors typically attend?

On average, 93% of the senior class attends this party.

Where is the location?

Although the party is held in the same location each year, we will not post it here. Many students with older siblings know the location; however, many more students do not know and enjoy not knowing. So it is not technically a surprise, but we will be vague in our posts. The committee is happy to share the location with any parent who asks.

How does a class avoid not having to pay a per student ticket fee in the Spring of Senior Year?
  • During underclassman years begin collecting family contributions.
  • As a parent, react when a request for a contribution is asked for. Send in the requested amount.
  • Or, if an amount is not specifically requested, send in an amount that you feel is appropriate - every contribution helps. Remember the price is approximately $140 per student if the event was solely funded by the parents.
  • Join the committee and plan fundraisers.
  • Participate in all fundraisers.
  • Send out donation request to corporations and local businesses during early Senior Year.
  • With proper planning and participation, the class will be successful!
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