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Title IX - Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is the unwanted and unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature which interferes with a student’s right to learn, study, work, achieve, or participate in school activities in a comfortable and support atmosphere. You as a student have a right to participate in school activities, classroom activities in an atmosphere free from sexual harassment. You have a responsibility not to engage in sexual behaviors that are unwelcome or offensive to others.

Examples of sexual harassment include: Unwelcome sexual advances, suggestive or lewd remarks, unwanted hugs, touches, kisses, requests for sexual favors, retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment, derogatory or pornographic posters, cartoons or drawings. Harassment may be student to student, student to teacher, teacher to student, or teacher to teacher. The gender of the complainant and/or the alleged harasser is irrelevant, even if they are the same gender.


What should I do if I believe I am being sexually harassed?

Find out about your school or school district’s policy and procedures for handling sexual

harassment issues. Follow those procedures:

  • Take action and get help when needed. Ignoring sexual harassment is not an effective way

to stop it.

  • Whenever possible, tell the harasser verbally or in writing what the specific behaviors are

that you find offensive. Ask him or her to stop.

  • Report the offensive behaviors to a teacher, counselor, Title IX coordinator, or school


  • Keep a detailed record of the harassing behavior to share with school officials who

investigate your complaint.

  • If not satisfied with the resolution of your concerns, contact one of the appropriate

organizations listed.


Where to get Help:

District Title IX Coordinator: Allison Van Etten, Director of Special Services

Office Address: 40 Field St, Pawcatuck, CT 06379

Telephone number: (860) 572-0506 x4

Email Address:

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