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image of the front of the stongington middle school building
Stonignton Middle School Stingrays school logo


Stonington Middle School is a 6-8 middle school located in Mystic, CT. serving all of the students of Stonington, CT. SMS is an inclusive school with approximately 480 students. Stonington Middle School’s mission is to provide quality instruction, that will challenge students’ abilities and provide them with the knowledge and skills to participate successfully in a democracy.  Stonington Middle School Students are:

Citizens - This form of citizenship is based on the obligations of citizens towards the community, rather than rights given to the citizens of the community. The obligations of citizenship are deeply connected with everyday life. A citizen’s own destiny and the destiny of the community are strongly linked.
Scholars - A scholar is a trusted and accomplished expert, a creator of knowledge who can integrate disparate data and concepts to innovate and reach new conclusions. 
Wayfinders - Wayfinding - a consistent use and organization of definite sensory cues from the external environment." The basic process of wayfinding involves four stages:

The Ray's Way: Respectful, Responsible, Ready!