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Payroll Schedules 2019-2020

10 Month - Hourly Schedule
(Food Service/Paraprofessionals/
Tutors/School Secretaries/Substitutes)

12 Month - Staff

(Maintenance/Custodians/Central Office/SHS Executive Secretary/Computer Tech II)


Salaried Payroll Schedule
(Administrators/Teachers/Nurses/Data Analyst/IT Systems Analyst)

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Educator of the Year Process

Stonington Education Fund

Stonington Education Fund
      Previously Awarded Mini Grants
Nutmeg Book nominee Book Club (Ms. Noyes, Elementary school)
Ozobots- Learn to code (Ms. Anderson, Library, elementary schools)
A Study of Colonial America through Historical Dance - (Ms. Temel, elementary school)
Magnetic Levitation kits for 8th grade science (Ms. Bausch, Middle School)
Converters for standing desks and games for Spanish class (Mr. Walsh, high school)
Special markers to use on lab bench desks for Science class (Ms. Burger, high school)
Empty Bowls community service learning project (Ms. Johnson, high school)