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Stonington Public Schools

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Curriculum and Instruction

Assistant Superintendent for

Curriculum & Instruction

Nikki Gullickson

Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction page for Stonington Public Schools.

We believe that if we provide rigorous and relevant curriculum that is implemented with fidelity across the district and is accessible to all students and if we exercise instructional strategies and tasks that engage students in creativity, innovation, reasoning, inquiry and organization, then students will become knowledgeable, problem solving, productive citizens.

It is through the work of curriculum and instruction that Stonington Public Schools is creating district wide coherence around the goal of raising student performance.

This work requires teachers and administrators to shift their focus from one that was once primarily on teaching to a primary focus on learning, seeking answers to critical questions: “What exactly do we expect students to learn?"; “How will we know what they are learning?"; “How can we assist / support students in the their learning?".

Moving forward we continue to address the establishment of a K-12 scope and sequence of skills, content and concepts taught at each grade level, allowing for the teaching of more meaningful content to a greater depth of student understanding; the development of instructional units aligned to both the common core standards and the sequence of skills and concepts presented in revised curriculum; and the writing of performance tasks and assessments to monitor and measure student learning.

As a district, we are committed to creating an educational environment with structures to support collaboration, personalized learning and innovative instruction for the purpose of generating students who are knowledgeable, problem solving, productive citizens.

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