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A Message from Superintendent, Van Riley

June 2017

More Than Academics…

Of course, student achievement is our primary goal. We pride ourselves in the continued improved state and local assessments. Our students are succeeding!

While academic performance is our focus, providing a nurturing and supportive environment with caring teachers and staff members is also important. I am so very proud of our teachers and staff members. The following letter from a parent describes how our staff members related to students and families.

Remember, our motto is “We Believe in You.”

Dear WVSS/WBSS Faculty and Staff,

On the night before Lily started kindergarten, I held her as she cried and tried to reassure her (through my own tears) that she was ready to be a big girl and that she would love West Vine Street School. The next day she came off the bus with a bright smile and nothing but positive stories. Then, somehow, I blinked. Lily and I are now the same height and wear the same shoe size, but she and I still share heart to heart talks before bed each night. Tonight, all the fear and anticipation of moving on to middle school prompted a beautiful conversation about the pure joy she has experienced as a student at West Vine and West Broad Street Schools. She told me that she's not ready for it to be over yet, and the best I could do was to hold her tight with that lump in my throat that we all know so well.

Please know that Mark and I are deeply grateful for the time, memories, and kindness that you have given to our daughter these last five years. Each one of you has had a unique and important role in educating Lily. The enthusiasm, creativity, and devotion you bring to this profession is admirable and inspiring. Moreover, the love and encouragement you show to each and every student who passes through your doors sets the foundation for the honorable young adults who enter SHS each morning.

When I look at Lily today, I see a more thoughtful, confident, and curious young woman. As a mom and a colleague, I thank you. Thank you for every smile, every kind word, every patient ear, every helpful act, every challenging assignment, every firm disciplinary action, and every hearty laugh that you have given to my child and every child. You are a beautiful team and you have touched more hearts than you will ever know.

I wish you all a wonderful summer respite.


Melissa Kwan



Stonington Public Schools:

*forward thinking*

*fostering passions*

*developing responsible citizens*

*preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities*


Stonington Public Schools – where we believe in all students. Through partnerships with family and community, we will provide an innovative and inspirational educational environment where students succeed with confidence and develop a love of life-long learning.

Dr. Van W. Riley, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Stonington Board of Education
PO Box 479
49 N. Stonington Rd.
Old Mystic, CT 06372
Telephone: (860) 572-0506

Ana de Oliveira
Administrative Assistant
Stonington Public Schools
PO Box 479
49 N. Stonington Rd.
Old Mystic, CT 06372
Telephone: (860) 572-0506 x2115

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