Community Relations (1000)

Table of Contents

PolicyPolicy #
Concept and Roles in Community Relations1000
1.Communications with the Public
A. Distribution of Printed Materials1110
B. Parent Involvement1110.1
C. Parent Portal Acceptable Use and Safety Policy1110.2
D. Use of Education/Government Television Channel1111
E. Public Cable Access Channel Message Board1111.3
F. News Media Relationships1112
G. Media Access to Students1112.5
H. Videotaping of Staff/Students1112.6
K. Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings1120
L. Distribution of Materials by Students (Use of Students)1140
M. Responsibilities of Board Members and School Personnel1150/1160
N. Recognition of Students, Citizens, Staff Members, and Members of the Board of Education1170
2.Participation by the Public
A. Community Organizations1210
B. School Volunteers1212
C. School Visitors1250
D. Loitering or Causing Disturbance1251
3.Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or Use of School Facilities
A. Community Engagement1300.1
B. Relations Between Public and School Personnel1310
C. Political Activities of School Employees1311.1
D. Political Activities in Schools1311.2
E. Public Complaints1312
F. Conduct on School Property1316
G. Public Performances by Students1321
H. Student Contests1322
I. Soliciting Funds from and by Students1324
J. Advertising and Promotion1325
K. Facilities Use1330
L. Smoke Free Environment1331
4.Relations Between other Governmental Agencies and Schools
A. Law Enforcement Officials1411
B. Fire Department1412
C. Fiscal Authority1416
D. Relations Between Area, State, Regional, and National Associations and the Schools1500
E. Otherwise Lawful Possession of Firearms on School Property1700