Administration (2000)

Table of Contents

0.Concept and Roles in Administration
A. Administration - Basic Concept2000
B. Board - Superintendent Relationship2000.1
C. Participatory Management
1.Administrative Staff Organization2100

A. Equal Employment Opportunity2111
B. Professional Development2112
C. Organizational Chart
D. Lines of Responsibility2121
E. Job Descriptions2130
F. Superintendent of Schools2131
G. Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent2141
H. Hiring School Administrators2151
I. Administrative Operations2200
2.Administrative Operations
Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board Policy2210
Administrative Councils and Committees2221
Policy and Regulation Systems2231
Educational Research in District Schools2240
Administrative Monitoring of Product and Process Goals2250
3.Administrative Evaluation2400
4.Administrative Reports2500