Business Non-Instructional Operations (3000)

Table of Contents

PolicyPolicy #
0.Concept and Roles in Business & Non-Instructional Operations3000
A. Goals and Objectives3010
1.Budget/Budgeting System
A. Budget Planning3110
B. Fiscal Year3111
C. Budget Development3120
D. Adoption of Budget3150
E. Spending Public Funds for Advocacy3152
F. Transfer of Funds Between Categories: Amendments3160
A. Tuition Fees3240
B. Materials/Services Fees, Charges3250
C. Sales and Disposal of Obsolete Books, Equipment, and Supplies3260
D. Gifts, Grants and Requests3280
E. Grants3280.1
3.Expenditures/Expending Authority
A. Relations with Vendors3313
B. Local Purchasing3313.1
C. Purchasing Procedures3320
D. Paying for Goods and Services3326
A. Financial Records and Reports3432
B. Periodic Audit3434
C. Inventories - Equipment3440
D. Money in School Buildings3450
E. School Activity Funds3453
5.Non-Instructional Operations
A. Operation and Maintenance of Plant3510
B. Equipment3514
C. Facilities Use3515
D. Safety3516
E. Sex Offender Notification3516.4
F. Security of Buildings and Grounds3517
G. Acquisition and Updating of Technology3523.1
H. Pesticide Application3524.1
I. Property Insurance3532
A. Bus Contractor3541.23
B. Transportation Equipment3541.43
C. Privately Owned Vehicles3541.44
D. Transportation Complaints3541.5
E. School Transportation Accommodations3541.6
7.Food Service
School Lunch Service3542
Purposes and Facilities3542.1
National School Lunch and Breakfast Program3542.31
8.Office Services/Records and Reports
A. Mail and Delivery3543.13
B. Electronic Communications Use and Retention3543.31