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Gloria Murray-DeBiasi, RN, BSN
Health Services Coordinator
Office: (860) 572-0506 x5128
Fax:  (860) 599-0233

Health and Wellness Staff

Elizabeth Spadaro, RN - Stonington High School

Carol Wollschlager, RN - Stonington Middle School

Lori Tavares, RN - Deans Mill School

Elizabeth Bessette, RN - West Vine Street School

Karen Rollins, RN - West Vine Street School

Marisa Longolucco, RN - District Screening Nurse

Health Paraprofessionals
Debra Smith - Julie Tyron - Rachael Bucko - Elise Adcock

Health and Wellness Committee

Health and Wellness Committee Members

Mary Anne Butler, Assistant Superintendent
Gary Shettle, Director of Finance
Deborah Downie, Board of Education Member
Gloria Murray-DeBiasi, Health Services Coordinator
Becky Fowler, Director of Food Service
Duffy Grace, Mystic Middle School, PE/Health Teacher
Robert Nigrelli, West Vine Street/West Broad Street Schools, PE/Health Teacher
Lori Tavares, Deans Mill School Nurse
Jennifer Rothman, Parent, Yellow Farm House

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January 31, 2019

June 3, 2019 - Agenda

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Severe Pulmonary Disease Associated with Using E-Cigarette Products
The following official Health Advisory is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Website located at

Update on Lung Injury Associated with E-Cigarette Use or Vaping
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working with the Food and Drug Administration, state health departments, and public health and clinical partners to investigate the multistate outbreak of lung injury associated with e-cigarette product use, or vaping. The most up-to-date, publicly available information on this investigation, including CDC recommendations, can be found on the CDC’s website at:  CDC Newsroom also provides the latest news and is located at

What You Need to Know

  • Though the investigation is ongoing, and the specific chemical exposure causing the outbreak remains unknown at this time, today’s report provides the first national comprehensive data on the characteristics of cases reported to CDC, including sex, age, and select substances used in e-cigarette, or vaping products.
  • The latest findings from the investigation into lung injuries associated with e-cigarette use, or vaping, suggest products containing THC play a role in the outbreak.
  • Most of the patients (77%) in this outbreak reported using THC-containing products, or both THC-containing products and nicotine-containing products.
  • A second report published today in MMWR from Wisconsin and Illinois had similar findings regarding the use of products containing THC. The report contains more details on the characteristics of cases in those states, including demographics, as well as substances and product types used.
  • While this investigation is ongoing, CDC recommends people consider refraining from using e-cigarette, or vaping, products, particularly those containing THC.
  • If you are an adult who used e-cigarettes containing nicotine to quit cigarette smoking, do not return to smoking cigarettes.
  • If you have recently used an e-cigarette or vaping product and you have symptoms like those reported in this outbreak, see a healthcare provider.
  • Regardless of the ongoing investigation, e-cigarette or vaping products should not be used by youth, young adults, women who are pregnant, as well as adults who do not currently use tobacco products.


Policies and Protocols

Immunization Requirements


Early Childhood Health Assessment Record - *Pre-K only *Requires parent/guardian signature and health care provider signature



Health Assessment Record - *Grades K-12*Requires parent/guardian signature and health care provider signature.


Release of Information for Parents - Transfer of Confidential Student Information - HIPPA

Medication Forms

Sports Forms

Vision and Hearing Screenings

Every year hearing and vision screenings are conducted on students in our schools as required by Connecticut General Statutes for grades K-5. Grade 6 screenings are completed by the Medical Provider during the physical exam. If a vision or hearing problem is suspected, the student will be rechecked at a second screening. If further consultation is recommended, parents will be notified in writing of the findings and will be asked to seek further medical evaluation. If you have any questions concerning the screenings, please contact the school nurse.

Scoliosis Screening

The State of Connecticut mandates that school nurses conduct postural screenings for female students in grades 5 and 7 and male students in grade 8. School nurses will be performing this screening during the months of March and April. The purpose of this program is to recognize the signs of spinal curvature at its earliest stages so that the need for treatment can be determined.

If further consultation is recommended, parents will be notified of the findings and will be asked to seek further evaluation from their own physician.

Scoliosis Screening: Letter to Parents

Concussion Education Plan

Food Allergy Information

Mobile Dental Program School Visit Dates


  • Stonington Public Schools contracts with Community Health Center - Mobile Dental Program. The dental hygienist will visit our schools in the fall of 2018. Contact your school nurse for questions and enrollment.
  • The online link for registration is


  • Mobile Dental Program Visit Schedule:
    Scheduled for April 2019
  • The School-Based Mobile Dental Program is offered here at Stonington Public Schools for the benefit of the students.
    In-School Services Provided
    • Screenings
    • Exams
    • Cleanings
    • X-Rays
    • Sealants
    • Oral Health Education

    The following fees/charges apply to Community Health Center, Inc.’s Mobile Dental Program:
    • For patients enrolled in HUSKY/Medicaid, services are 100% covered through Husky/Medicaid with no additional fees or charges
    • For patients with private dental insurance, services are billed to insurance. Patient/Family is responsible for any deductible and/or co-pay
    • For patients with no dental insurance the following fees apply:·
    $30 for Dental Hygiene visit (cleaning, x-rays, fluoride)·
    $18 per visit for exam by the Dentist
    $25 per visit for sealants

    Enrollment is accepted year around, and once enrolled it remains active until high school graduation. In fact, if you move to another town where CHC provides school-based services, your enrollment will continue. To begin receiving services, please go to to sign up quickly and easily online!

    Or print and complete the enrollment form found here. Please note all parts of this registration/enrollment form must be completed, signed and returned to the School Nurse or the School Main Office before your child can receive services:
  • Download the form in English or in Spanish