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Operations and Facilities

Stephen Carroll

Director of Operations and Facilities

Welcome to the Operations and Facilities Department page for!

This is the department that is responsible for communication, transportation, custodial/maintenance, facilities, and general school purchase initiatives in our district.

Please feel free to call me at 860-572-0506 with any questions or concerns regarding anything you see in any of the areas above. Have a great school year!

Maria Silvia

Operations and Facilities / Technology Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (860) 572-0506 x2154



To rent space in our schools?

Space Rental request

Need to submit a work order for maintenance in our schools?
Maintenance Request

FAQ on Raptor System - please click this link to learn more about the Raptor System installed at all school buildings and what it helps us accomplish.

Green Cleaning in Schools (CT Public Act 09-81) - please click this link to learn more about the green cleaning program in place at all our facilities.

List of Green Cleaning used in District

Radon Testing Results at Stonington Public Schools
District Office
Stonington High School
Stonington Middle School
Deans Mill School
West Vine Street School

 Per CGS 10-220(d), schools are required to inspect and evaluate the indoor air quality of school facilities. This includes evaluation of radon in the air and water every five years.

ED 050 Facilities Report - this report is filed with the State of Connecticut detailing the conditions of our facilities

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Complaint Form - to initiate an investigation into an area that is suspected to be impacted or of lower quality environmentally compared to surrounding areas, please fill out the form on the link and forward to facilities immediately.